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PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS provide a structured  procedure of gathering information for the purpose of making treatment decisions and/or providing insight into emotional or cognitive functioning. Psychological evaluations can offer insight into the severity of a particular disturbance, help identify needs in therapy as well as shed light into what types of interventions might be most useful.
Our evaluations typically involve the participation of parents and teachers so that the end result is comprehensive and provides a well-rounded view of the child. Some issues addressed include:
  • ADHD
    careless mistakes
  • Learning Disorders (LD)
    slow learner
    mental retardation
  • Behavior problems (EBD)
    damaging property
    frequent tantrums and arguments
    drinking/drug use
  • Emotional Problems
   poor anger management
An evaluation may be recommended for an adult for many reasons. It can aid in psychotherapy by giving the examiner insight into your personality style and general intelligence. It can also assess cognitive functioning--that is your  basic ability to understand the world around you.
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